Car rental in Menorca without excess or deposit

A car rental in Menorca without excess can be your best ally for the vacations you already have booked. The Balearic Islands, which have dream corners that can only be accessed on wheels, become the favorite setting for people of all nationalities who come here for their days off.

Providing a unique ease of movement, if what we want is to enjoy the site to the fullest, there is nothing like discovering those spaces that remain hidden but that represent a guarantee for the tourist. Perfect for doing something different, I’m sure you will also make the most of the experience.

Economic car rental group A - Low Cost

In this group you will find small and practical 5-door cars for daily use with easy parking and reduced consumption, the models are Toyota Aygo or similar cars.

Car Rental in Menorca Group B

In this group we have the most popular cars in our fleet, they are ideal vehicles for driving around our island, with easy parking and low consumption.

Car Rental in Menorca Group B1

In this group Menorcarent guarantees the requested model since many of our clients when choosing a Fiat 500 do not want a similar model. Very attractive retro looking car.

Car Rental in Menorca Group B2

In this group, like the previous one, we guarantee the Fiat 500 cabrio model, a practical car with reduced consumption but with little space for luggage.

4 Seater Car Rental Abarth 595 Group B3

In this group you can have in your hands a vehicle in addition to a convertible, with sequential automatic transmission, available model Abarth 595 145 hp

5 Seater Car Rental Group C

In this group we offer medium-sized cars such as Opel corsa or similar, a somewhat small size for 5 people and hand luggage. Although practical for the island.

Comfortable Car Rental 5 Seaters Group D

In this group you can find a car ideal for families with a high trunk ideal for putting a baby stroller.

Car Rental In Menorca Group F

In this group you will enjoy a comfortable larger car for 5 people and luggage, they have good finishes and adjusted consumption.

7 Seater Car Rental Menorca Group G

In this group we offer a car model with folding seats for 5, 6 or 7 people at most. The model is Fiat 500 L Living or Opel Zafira. Although they have a capacity for 7 people, we recommend a maximum of 6 to be able to carry your luggage comfortably.

9 Seater Car Rental Menorca Group H

In this group we offer a vehicle for 9 passengers, our available model is Opel Vivaro long model in which you will not lack space for luggage.

Hybrid Automatic Car Rental

In this group we offer you a model with automatic hybrid technology, achieving really low consumption. The available model is Toyota Auris Hybrid 140cv automatic

Premium Car Rental

In this group we offer you Audi brand vehicles, a medium size type A1, they have good finishes.

Why should we rent a car without excess or deposit?

When we travel for tourism there are many questions we ask ourselves, but if we know closely the type of contract that Menorca Rent offers to its clients, we will realize that everything is much simpler. Thanks to the card as a guarantee on cars with up to seven seats, we have the possibility of traveling in a group without any problem, without any apparent conflict.

The rate, quite economical, responds to how well the company manages the use of its vehicles, to realizing that here who truly matters is the user who has left their data on the table. Operating from the website, you will not even have to wait to be on the site to enjoy the model you chose.

What do customers think about car rental with Menorca Rent?

Although the service offering that Menorca Rent has speaks for itself, nothing like the comments that its clients leave about their experience. As if it were the best cover letter, we are faced with a general review of what you can also enjoy with your contract.

I rented a car for my holiday in Menorca and nothing could have been better. The car, perfectly equipped, has allowed us to reach corners that we had not seen before, that would have remained there undiscovered. With much still to be seen, we will definitely stay with this company next time.” said Concha, a resident of the Community of Madrid.

Tired of always spending the summer on the Costa Blanca, this year we decided to see the Balearic Islands, a place that we did not yet know. Menorca Rent has offered us the possibility of having a car 24 hours a day with a full range of insurance and without any type of surcharge upon departure. Without a doubt it has been the best initiative we could have” commented Álvaro, a user from Valencia.

Opinions like these are what make Menorca Rent services your place to rent a car with comprehensive insurance and no excess. Always thinking about the user as the most important part of the business, if what we want is to be calm on those days of rest, this company puts everything in your favor. You come?