New Fiat 500 C convertible to discover Menorca

Spring is here and with it, the good weather. The island of Menorca begins to prepare to receive those who want to enjoy a excepcinal climate, spectacular beaches and rich culture.

In Menorcarent car hire Menorca we want to offer the best service of car hire in Menorca for your stay on the island unforgettable.

New this year we have a new model of cars in our fleet. In addition to the Fiat 500 customers also have the option of booking a Fiat 500 C convertible. These models come with Lounge finish, glass roof or canvas, usb and all the equipment to ensure a safe journey.

Fiat 500 cabrio

Our car rental company offers the possibility to pick up the car at the airport at no extra cost to arrival not suppose any problem.

In addition, our advantages include not pay extra costs for fuel because the car is returned as was delivered.

If you want to know all our conditions and availability to enjoy the Fiat 500 C convertible, visit our website and select your dates.

When you book your holiday to Menorca, consider options for a rental car to tour the island without ties or timetables.

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New rules for traveling with children, car hire menorca

If you are traveling with children you must take into account the new regulations both for everyday use and for the use of rental cars.

Since last October 1 2015 came into force amending the Rules of the road with a new article which sets new standards to ensure the safety of children when traveling by car. The aim of the changes established is to raise public awareness of the importance of the use of child restraint systems and thereby reduce the risk of injury in an accident. For this it has made it a priority to those children who do not reach a certain height always occupy the rear seat of the vehicle. Where there is more likely to emerge unscathed from an accident.

being specific, the legislation provides that minors with a height equal to or less than 1.35 meters shall be seated in the rear seats of the vehicle using child restraints. However, three exceptions have been established by which the child itself could ride in the front seat:

If the vehicle has no rear seats.

If all rear seats are also occupied by lower height exceeding 135 cm.

When the rear seats is not possible to install the child restraint system. This case concerns, for example, the vehicle does not have rear seat belts.

In any case, it is essential that children always travel with the system appropriate to their size and weight regulation because they reduce deaths by 75% and 90% of injuries. If marked exceptions should ride in the front seat, they must do so in the opposite direction to the march and the passenger airbag disconnected.

Failure to comply with this new Article 117 of the Rules of the road can mean reason fine of 200 euros and a loss of 3 points of the card, plus the possible detention of the vehicle.

In our car hire company in Menorca we offer you baby seats and lifters to travel with children with complete security.

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Popular “fiestas” in Menorca. Reserve your car rental

If you have visited this summer Menorca, you surely have seized a specific date to do so. If not, we remind you that from June to September the island celebrates its main festivals.

Everything in Menorca is attached to the figure of the horse and the ‘hassles’, which aims to ensure that both horse and rider remain raised. This tradition held for years extolled the image of “caixers” and “cavallers” (riders). They dressed in the costume called “the just” (fair man) mounted Minorcan breed horses to roam around main streets and squares of the town.

The starting point of this festival calendar is in June, when Ciutadella celebrates the festival of Sant Joan; and end in September with the Mare de Deu de Gracia in Maó.

These days, people in the city see their numbers increase considerably, as are many people who come here to participate and enjoy these festivities.

Due to population growth during this period and to avoid last-minute problems on our visit, it is always good idea to plan the trip in advance to be sure a hotel and a transport medium that allows us to explore the island. Renting a car is one of the best ways to explore this small island and make the most of the time on it.

In our company car hire in Menorca we offer the best conditions to our customers to ensure a perfect trip without problems and surprises. In Menorcarent You can rent the entire booking choosing pickup and return dates, type of car and extra equipment. All this, together with the best facilities for rent and a final price closed at the time of discharge.

If this year you could not enjoy the tradition and the culture of these festivals, aiming this time for your next trip to the island:

July 20: San Martin, in Es Mercadal
July 20: San Antonio, in Fornells
August 10: San Lorenzo in Alaior
August 24: San Bartomeu in Ferrerías
August 25: San Luis, San Luis
September 8: Santa Maria in Mahon
And remember renting your rental car to explore the rest of Menorca and have an unforgettable trip.

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Gastronomic route Minorca car rental

Menorca can boast of putting on the table the tastiest lobsters. You have not tried the famous Menorcan lobster stew? The next time you visit the island, says this destination: Fornells. Located north, this small fishing village is chosen by gourmets to taste this dish. Among its guests, the very King Don Juan Carlos.

Those coming to Fornells may enjoy not only exquisite lobster, but also nature and water sports. History is also present in the Tower of Fornells and outdoor museum with archaeological remains. A unique environment completes the offer of this charming town.

If you go through the Mercat d’Es Claustre Mahon not forget to buy a cheese Mahon. Here you will find variety of shops to take one of these tasty cheeses made from cow’s milk. The Mahon cheese has appellation since 1985 and is protected by a regulating council.

For those who do not already know and surprisingly many as surprising it is the origin, mayonnaise (not mayonnaise) is a “typical” product of Menorca. More typical it is a product born of the cuisine of the island. Most historians mark the beginning in 1756 when the Duke of Richelieu, nephew of the famous Cardinal Richelieu, seized Mahon and snatched the British sovereignty.

About the origin of mayonnaise they have spread all kinds of stories and theories. Some of the most interesting points the discovery of this popular salsa to an occasional lover Duke of Minorcan origin. It seems that the lady regaled the Duke product in each of their meetings. According to this version, the name of the sauce comes to the status of ‘mayonnaise’ of the lady.

There are many stories and varied, but, undoubtedly, the mayonnaise is Mahon.

Ointment? What is that? Who meet for the first time this typical drink so surprised by name as the origin of gin which is prepared, the Gin Xoriguer. This liqueur is produced according to traditional techniques for almost a century. It dates back to the eighteenth century, when British rule on the island. Unfortunately for soldiers, local bars were unaware of the gin. Given the great interest aroused, some artisans made the decision to produce a gin-based own juniper berries, water and ethyl alcohol of plant origin.

The distilleries are in the Port of Maó and can be visited from Monday to Saturday.

In general, the Menorcan cuisine is characterized by criteria of prestige and tradition. Why not make gastronomic routes around the island? The wine route, the route of cheese … Find out about everything the island has to offer and move on Menorca in search of new flavors and aromas.

In our company car hire in Menorca you will find a wide fleet and the best guarantees to move and to reach each of its gastronomic corners.

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120 beaches to go with your car hire in Menorca


One of the most spectacular natural islands. A place of calm and tranquility. Menorca has been and is defined as a real paradise worth visiting at least once in life.

During the winter, architecture, landscapes, culture, towns and cities make a great vacation package that attracts every year thousands of tourists. In summer, all this charm meets the 120 beaches that comprise the island. A total that surpasses its neighboring Ibiza and Mallorca combined.

Choose among many is complicated task and reduce a list of preferred hand stays in tastes and time of every traveler.

Of all, no doubt, highlights the Son Bou Beach, the largest beach on the island of Menorca with 3 kilometers. The beach is perfectly equipped for the day: beach bars, umbrellas, water sports; besides being located in an area with apartments, markets, pharmacies, shops and entertainment venues. History lovers will also find at the end of this beach the ruins of an ancient Christian basilica discovered in 1951 and whose construction is estimated in the fifth century Outside the basilica is a necropolis excavated in the rock.

When planning your holiday it is essential that you include a rental car if you want to discover Menorca in all its essence.

Since our company car hire in Menorca offer a varied fleet maintained and updated to offer cars that cater to family needs, couple, group, and even business.

The rental car is still important when traveling. In fact, according to the National Business Federation Car Rental with or without Driver (FENEVAL), an increase of 10% is estimated for this summer in the rental car compared to the same period last year. For something will be!

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Choosing a car rental company

When reserve our vacation, we turn increasingly to the Internet to manage everything you need. First consult destinations, then compare prices and shop. Internet provides us do not have to go to different physical travel agencies, choosing ourselves when and how to book.
Flights, hotels, apartments, boats, cars … a myriad of products and services that can make our holidays unforgettable for better or worse. Why worse? Many times, we go to save money booking sites of dubious reliability in showing us irresistible offers. Other, yet to be known pages, give us advantages and features that are not met and finally that normally incur additional outlay on our part.
Fraud occur in any season, but in summer when the sharpness to make the most profit increased thanks to the large number of travelers.
Renting a car can be a headache but know where to go or if you hire a service that does not comply with the agreed expectations.
Among the most common scams that are found when renting a car, is the following:
Final price after the online reservation: companies often hire their conditions do not indicate possible changes in fees for delivery situations such as after hours or in other than established places. Neither the fine print warns of these cases, so we have to be vigilant and ask any questions that may lead to a commercial deception.
Payment Terms: There are limitations in providing various forms of payment to customers. The vast majority choose to accept only credit card payments.
Fuel: This topic always brings head to more than one at a time to rent a car. Each company has different policies in this regard, so no choice but to read the conditions well and hope that no unforeseen once give back the car left.
In Menorcarent we care about the satisfaction of our customers and want them to feel confident about booking a rental car with us. From our car rental company in Menorca we clearly established conditions for which there is no end surprises and especially so you can enjoy your holiday without having to worry if sooner or later have problems with the price of your car.

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