Gastronomic route Minorca car rental

Menorca can boast of putting on the table the tastiest lobsters. You have not tried the famous Menorcan lobster stew? The next time you visit the island, says this destination: Fornells. Located north, this small fishing village is chosen by gourmets to taste this dish. Among its guests, the very King Don Juan Carlos.

Those coming to Fornells may enjoy not only exquisite lobster, but also nature and water sports. History is also present in the Tower of Fornells and outdoor museum with archaeological remains. A unique environment completes the offer of this charming town.

If you go through the Mercat d’Es Claustre Mahon not forget to buy a cheese Mahon. Here you will find variety of shops to take one of these tasty cheeses made from cow’s milk. The Mahon cheese has appellation since 1985 and is protected by a regulating council.

For those who do not already know and surprisingly many as surprising it is the origin, mayonnaise (not mayonnaise) is a “typical” product of Menorca. More typical it is a product born of the cuisine of the island. Most historians mark the beginning in 1756 when the Duke of Richelieu, nephew of the famous Cardinal Richelieu, seized Mahon and snatched the British sovereignty.

About the origin of mayonnaise they have spread all kinds of stories and theories. Some of the most interesting points the discovery of this popular salsa to an occasional lover Duke of Minorcan origin. It seems that the lady regaled the Duke product in each of their meetings. According to this version, the name of the sauce comes to the status of ‘mayonnaise’ of the lady.

There are many stories and varied, but, undoubtedly, the mayonnaise is Mahon.

Ointment? What is that? Who meet for the first time this typical drink so surprised by name as the origin of gin which is prepared, the Gin Xoriguer. This liqueur is produced according to traditional techniques for almost a century. It dates back to the eighteenth century, when British rule on the island. Unfortunately for soldiers, local bars were unaware of the gin. Given the great interest aroused, some artisans made the decision to produce a gin-based own juniper berries, water and ethyl alcohol of plant origin.

The distilleries are in the Port of MaĆ³ and can be visited from Monday to Saturday.

In general, the Menorcan cuisine is characterized by criteria of prestige and tradition. Why not make gastronomic routes around the island? The wine route, the route of cheese … Find out about everything the island has to offer and move on Menorca in search of new flavors and aromas.

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