Popular “fiestas” in Menorca. Reserve your car rental

If you have visited this summer Menorca, you surely have seized a specific date to do so. If not, we remind you that from June to September the island celebrates its main festivals.

Everything in Menorca is attached to the figure of the horse and the ‘hassles’, which aims to ensure that both horse and rider remain raised. This tradition held for years extolled the image of “caixers” and “cavallers” (riders). They dressed in the costume called “the just” (fair man) mounted Minorcan breed horses to roam around main streets and squares of the town.

The starting point of this festival calendar is in June, when Ciutadella celebrates the festival of Sant Joan; and end in September with the Mare de Deu de Gracia in Maó.

These days, people in the city see their numbers increase considerably, as are many people who come here to participate and enjoy these festivities.

Due to population growth during this period and to avoid last-minute problems on our visit, it is always good idea to plan the trip in advance to be sure a hotel and a transport medium that allows us to explore the island. Renting a car is one of the best ways to explore this small island and make the most of the time on it.

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If this year you could not enjoy the tradition and the culture of these festivals, aiming this time for your next trip to the island:

July 20: San Martin, in Es Mercadal
July 20: San Antonio, in Fornells
August 10: San Lorenzo in Alaior
August 24: San Bartomeu in Ferrerías
August 25: San Luis, San Luis
September 8: Santa Maria in Mahon
And remember renting your rental car to explore the rest of Menorca and have an unforgettable trip.