Choosing a car rental company

When reserve our vacation, we turn increasingly to the Internet to manage everything you need. First consult destinations, then compare prices and shop. Internet provides us do not have to go to different physical travel agencies, choosing ourselves when and how to book.
Flights, hotels, apartments, boats, cars … a myriad of products and services that can make our holidays unforgettable for better or worse. Why worse? Many times, we go to save money booking sites of dubious reliability in showing us irresistible offers. Other, yet to be known pages, give us advantages and features that are not met and finally that normally incur additional outlay on our part.
Fraud occur in any season, but in summer when the sharpness to make the most profit increased thanks to the large number of travelers.
Renting a car can be a headache but know where to go or if you hire a service that does not comply with the agreed expectations.
Among the most common scams that are found when renting a car, is the following:
Final price after the online reservation: companies often hire their conditions do not indicate possible changes in fees for delivery situations such as after hours or in other than established places. Neither the fine print warns of these cases, so we have to be vigilant and ask any questions that may lead to a commercial deception.
Payment Terms: There are limitations in providing various forms of payment to customers. The vast majority choose to accept only credit card payments.
Fuel: This topic always brings head to more than one at a time to rent a car. Each company has different policies in this regard, so no choice but to read the conditions well and hope that no unforeseen once give back the car left.
In Menorcarent we care about the satisfaction of our customers and want them to feel confident about booking a rental car with us. From our car rental company in Menorca we clearly established conditions for which there is no end surprises and especially so you can enjoy your holiday without having to worry if sooner or later have problems with the price of your car.