Cheap car rental in Menorca

If you are looking for cheap car rental in Menorca, you have come to the place you were waiting for and thanks to the number of people who come to spend their holidays on this paradise island in the Balearic Islands, there are many businesses that think about profit, companies who are looking to take advantage of the high season.

At Menorca Rent, after so much time leaving our fleet of models for your walks through these coves, we are committed to offering you a quality service adapted to your needs.

Thinking of the client as the first instance, if you are wondering where to rent a car in Menorca at an affordable price, come to us and you will find the ideal vehicle for you.

Economic car rental group A - Low Cost

In this group you will find small and practical 5-door cars for daily use with easy parking and reduced consumption, the models are Toyota Aygo or similar cars.

Car Rental In Menorca Group B

In this group we have the most popular cars in our fleet, they are ideal vehicles for driving around our island, with easy parking and low consumption.

Car Rental In Menorca Group B1

In this group Menorcarent guarantees the requested model since many of our clients when choosing a Fiat 500 do not want a similar model. Very attractive retro looking car.

Car Rental in Menorca Group B2

In this group, like the previous one, we guarantee the Fiat 500 cabrio model, a practical car with reduced consumption but with little space for luggage.

4 Seater Car Rental Abarth 595 Group B3

In this group you can have in your hands a vehicle in addition to a convertible, with sequential automatic transmission, available model Abarth 595 145 hp

5 Seater Car Rental Group C

In this group we offer medium-sized cars such as Opel corsa or similar, a somewhat small size for 5 people and hand luggage. Although practical for the island.

Comfortable Car Rental 5 Seats Group D

In this group you can find a car ideal for families with a high trunk ideal for putting a baby stroller.

Car Rental In Menorca Group F

In this group you will enjoy a comfortable larger car for 5 people and luggage, they have good finishes and adjusted consumption.

Car Rental In Menorca Group G

In this group we offer a car model with folding seats for 5, 6 or 7 people at most. The model is Opel Zafira. Although they have a capacity for 7 people, we recommend a maximum of 6 to be able to carry your luggage comfortably.

9 Seater Car Rental Menorca Group H

In this group we offer a vehicle for 9 passengers, our available model is Opel Vivaro long model in which you will not lack space for luggage.

Hybrid Automatic Car Rental

In this group we offer you a model with automatic hybrid technology, achieving really low consumption. The available model is Toyota Auris Hybrid 140cv automatic

Premium Car Rental

In this group we model from the Audi brand, one medium size type A1 have good finishes.

Low cost car rental in Menorca

Did you think you weren’t going to have the opportunity to get a low-cost vehicle for your holidays in Menorca?

Thanks to the fleet that our cheap car rental company has on the island of Menorca, there are many prices you can choose from. Always looking for the client’s benefit, if you are looking for a specific price we ourselves can advise you.

Knowing where to have vans or larger cars is something that helps us with our summer vacations, with those free days that we have selected to go to the beach and/or take planes to the island. By trying to shorten this type of work on your days off, you will surely also achieve some dreamy moments.

Where to rent cheap cars?

Knowing that to visit any island in the Balearic Islands it is best to hire the service of a vehicle, our next step is to know where to rent low-cost cars with which to travel to the last corner of the territory.

At Menorca Rent, based in Mahón, we will be happy to help you with everything you need.

Cheap car rental in Menorca

Rental cars in Menorca do not have to be expensive. Although when we go to a tourist island we are going to leave more money than on those that are not, the truth is that there are options with which we can save coins from our pocket but also enjoy the days off that we have taken.

The Balearic Islands, which are one of the busiest places during the summer months, have a fairly large fleet of vehicles to rent and, when we are on vacation, we should not skimp on what we like, it makes our lives easier and it makes us happy.

Do not think about it! If in your vacation plan you want to move around the island autonomously and comfortably, you need to opt for a cheap car rental service in Menorca that takes you to all the places, our recommendation is that you see what Menorca Rent has for you and You stay with that model that seems made in your image and likeness. Can you tell us what the experience was like afterwards?