Frequent Rental Wuestions With Menorcarent


Why book with us a rental car in Menorca:

With Menorcarent you always know what’s going on To pay you will not feel an abuse in the price of your car for rent , many customers ask us if it is true that the price they see on our website or the price that we quote It will be the final price. We work in a way simple and effective that guarantees the client that he will not have any surprise upon arrival avoiding unexpected charges on your card or hidden supplements so fashionable these days, many companies offer prices that are really cheap unrealistic to grab customers who then pick up their car all are supplements and also the client must assume an exaggerated risk. We do not perform these practices we simply charge the price that we have previously agreed with the customer well via web, phone or email totally closed. You can clearly see that the price is higher at first glance than many search engines or multicompany brokers, but our work Also apart from having your vehicle available is that our price is competitive, and make the client satisfied and quiet.

Here you can find some of the most common questions that make us our customers before booking.

-I need a card credit to book with Menorcarent?

   No it is necessary to have a credit card, at the moment of To complete the reservation you will be asked for a card number credit or debit, and in case you do not have it, We accept an income of 50 euros in concept of pay and signal for the rent.

        -I have to leave a amount (franchise) when they deliver me the vehicle?

   It is not It is necessary to leave a quantity as long as it is not a vehicle 7 or 9 seats, and now we can also eliminate the franchise with our total insurance.

        -What sure all I have when I rent a car in Menorcarent?

 Menorcarent car rental, the basic coverage includes all damage caused as long as it is not due to negligence clear of the driver (alcohol, reckless driving, etc.) Only tires, tires, tires are not included glass-windows, rear-view mirrors and wrong refueling that for a supplement of 4.5 euros per day we also offer this coverage.

        -Deliver the car at the airport or I have to move to some office?

   Menorcarent will deliver the car to you at the airport, a representative with the name of the company and gives the car in the same parking P1 in arrivals, and the return will be made in the same parking lot.

        -I will have to pay something more than budgeted when I get to Menorca?

   Menorcarent commits to charge you exactly the total budgeted, without adding extras such as gasoline since we give you the car with ¼ of deposit approx. and the client should leave it the same.

  If you have any questions not written here Do not hesitate to call us at the number 971 360147.