Menorca car hire airport


Method Of Delivery Of Rental Cars At The Airport:

In recent times many car rental companies in Menorca have chosen to wait for the client at the airport and transfer it to their offices in a shuttle (minibus). Menorcarent is still betting on the delivery of the car in the same parking lot of the airport without the client having to travel neither for the delivery nor for the return of the car, thus considerably reducing the average waiting time of each client

Where To Find Us In The Airport:

For the collection of the rental car is really simple, after the collection of luggage, you will find a representative of Menorcarent with a badge in the arrivals area, which will accompany them to the car where in a few minutes they will fill out the rental contract and We will proceed to the payment of the price previously agreed on your reservation remember that with us there are no supplements upon arrival the price of the reservation is closed, the payment method can be by credit card, debit card or also in cash. You will also be explained how to return the car at the airport, remember that with us there are no restrictions on return times, if your flight leaves very early (6 in the morning) you can leave the car without problems at the airport. Minorca.

Economic car rental group A - Low Cost

In this group you will find small and practical 5-door cars for daily use with easy parking and reduced consumption, the models are Toyota Aygo or similar cars.

Car Hire In Menorca Group B

In this group we have the most demanded cars in our fleet, they are ideal vehicles for driving around our island, with easy parking and low consumption.

Car Hire In Menorca Group B1

In this group, Menorcarent guarantees the requested model, since many of our clients, when choosing a Fiat 500, do not want a similar model. Very attractive retro looking car.

Car Hire In Menorca Group B2

In this group, like the previous one, we guarantee the Fiat 500 cabrio model, a practical car with low consumption but with little space for luggage.

Car Rental Abarth 595 Group B3

In this group you can have in your hands a vehicle in addition to a cabrio, with sequential automatic transmission, available model Abarth 595 145 hp

Car Rental 5 Seats Group C

In this group we offer medium-sized cars such as Opel corsa or similar, somewhat small size for 5 people and hand luggage. Handy for the island though.

Comfortable Car Rental 5 Seats Group D

In this group you will find an ideal car for families with a high trunk ideal for putting a baby stroller.

Car Hire In Menorca Group F

In this group you will enjoy a larger comfortable car for 5 people and luggage, they have good finishes and adjusted consumption.

Car Hire 7 Seats Menorca Group G

In this group we offer a car model with folding seats for 5, 6 or 7 people maximum, the model is Fiat 500 L Living or Opel Zafira. Although they have a capacity for 7 people, we recommend a maximum of 6 to be able to carry your luggage comfortably.

Car Hire 9 Seats Menorca Group H

In this group we offer a vehicle for 9 passengers, our available model is Opel Vivaro long model in which you will not lack space for luggage.

Automatic Hybrid Car Rental

In this group we offer you a model with automatic hybrid technology, achieving really low consumption. The available model is Toyota Auris Hybrid 140cv automatic

Rent Premium Cars

In this group we offer you two models of the Audi brand, a medium size type A1 and A3, the latter is automatic and larger, both have good finishes.